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Our company is a family business, which started as a one-man show with a profile of carpentering and cabinemakering in 1976. We established a limited partnership in 1994 as well, which became an LTD in 2002. At first we carried out work for residential customers in our little home workshop, and then in the 70s 80s we planned and manufactured the furniture of more than 50 churches all over the country. As we completed more orders, the reputation of our company grew due to the happy customers. Meanwhile the company with a staff size of 3 reached its limits by 1990, so we needed extension, which meant a larger workshop. Our new location with 600m 2 provided enough space for increased staff size and more machinery. Thanks to our efforts, we became able to fulfill larger orders.
By 1994, the complete reengineering of our workshop had to take place. The more professional machinery and the larger staff allowed us not only to be a general contractor, but to be subcontractors on larger jobs of carpentering works on buildings and furniture as well.

In 2004 we built a complete new workshop, which corresponds to the EU standards. On 2000 m 2–s, with the help of computer-controlled machinery, our workshop makes a home for a staff of 25 of qualified carpenters, cabinermakers and construction specialists. The modern machinery and the competent staff together ensure the quality, the precision, the rapidity and the efficiency of our work.
The carpentering workshop is made up of two main sections: the production of construction and furniture wood material for the industry. The wooden construction material means exterior and interior doors and windows. Exterior doors and windows are constructed according to the EURO norm, or the older single or double frame style, which are made in custom size and shape mostly.
Furniture products give the majority of our income. Our company produces custom-made high-quality products in the main, but for hotels and such, mass production is also present.
Related to this, we also provide restoration services of older furniture mostly, in which our partners show increasing interest. In the last few years we completed several larger-scale jobs in hotels, restaurants, but the most extraordinary work was the reconstruction of the interior of the women and men sections of the Saint-Gellert Thermal Bath. Furniture and covering destroyed during WW II needed to be restored to their former glory and mounted in place in a very short time.
Over the last few years our company has made furniture and appliances for several foreign hotels in Vienna, Graz, Linz and Bratislava.

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